Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unfinished projects...

I have at least 16 unfinished projects.... It's ridiculous!
  1. Shirley's bag
  2. Bathroom organiser
  3. Black hoodie
  4. Jacob's presents
  5. Jeans
  6. Wonder Woman costume
  7. Petticoat
  8. Dirndl (it looks fine in the pics but I haven't sewn down the lining yet)
  9. Black satin dress
  10. Blue romper
  11. Black romper (summer has been and gone... don't know if it worth finishing this one)
  12. Black deep backed dress
  13. Sparkly leggings
  14. Black jersey dress
  15. Brown coat
  16. Black coat (started last winter...)
And those are just the ones of the top of my head without going through my stuff, I'm sure there are a lot more.

I think I need some kind of rule - maybe no starting something new until I finish at least one thing on this list. The fabric shops are just so tempting though.... I wanna make a vest and a jacket for autumn....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My girly lederhosen!

I love lederhosen so I made a girly pair for myself. I made the pattern for these myself. I up-cycled a pair of my ex’s old corduroy pants. That’s why there are seams on the back of the shorts – they were the outer leg seams….

It was a bit of a struggle to find enough fabric but I pieced some bits together and managed.

I lined the pockets with mauve satin left over from a skirt I made and appliqued on small hearts and did some decorative stitching along the flap.

I made these for Oktoberfest too and actually got to wear them to it (unlike my dirndl...).

I LOVED wearing them. Wearing them waiting for the train drinking Oktoberfest beer. Wearing them at breakfast. Wearing them to go around the city.

I had so much fun taking photos with the horses! The darker one kept licking me!! I had bubbly horse saliva all over my arm. So gross but hilarious.

The suspenders are also lined with the mauve satin. They have metal belt buckles and are attached with pink buttons.

The lighter coloured horse didn't like me even though I gave her sugar cubes. It was a mean horse - but so pretty!

The dirndl that didn't make it to Oktoberfest

I was mainly excited about Oktoberfest cos it would give me the chance to dress up like a Bavarian for a few days. I only bought the fabric for my dirndl two days before I left for Munich.... What with having to pre-wash fabric and all the little details, I didn't even come close to finishing it before I left Budapest. I stayed with Ines who lives in a gorgeous town on the outskirts of Munich. There were horses and roosters! The countryside! It was so nice to be there and I spent some lovely hours out in the sunshine hand sewing to finish up everything.

I made the bodice out of embroidered taffeta using my bodice sloper then attached a pleated satin skirt to it.

For the short under blouse I modified Burda pattern 7831. I made it a little bigger so I wouldn't have to use buttons, added elastic around the bottom of the back, made the neckline lower and got rid of the collar then added a ruffle.

I had to completely hand sew the apron cos I started that in Munich. Ines' neighbour brought over her old sewing machine which she hadn't used in ten years. I couldn't figure out how to thread it at all, even with the manual (really made me appreciate my ultra-basic machine).

I made a white cotton petticoat too to give the skirt some body. By that time I was pretty fed up with hand sewing so I just stapled the hem... Yes, I realise I will have to remove the staples before I wash it so it doesn't rust :) Stapling just makes things so much faster!