Sunday, September 27, 2009

My girly lederhosen!

I love lederhosen so I made a girly pair for myself. I made the pattern for these myself. I up-cycled a pair of my ex’s old corduroy pants. That’s why there are seams on the back of the shorts – they were the outer leg seams….

It was a bit of a struggle to find enough fabric but I pieced some bits together and managed.

I lined the pockets with mauve satin left over from a skirt I made and appliqued on small hearts and did some decorative stitching along the flap.

I made these for Oktoberfest too and actually got to wear them to it (unlike my dirndl...).

I LOVED wearing them. Wearing them waiting for the train drinking Oktoberfest beer. Wearing them at breakfast. Wearing them to go around the city.

I had so much fun taking photos with the horses! The darker one kept licking me!! I had bubbly horse saliva all over my arm. So gross but hilarious.

The suspenders are also lined with the mauve satin. They have metal belt buckles and are attached with pink buttons.

The lighter coloured horse didn't like me even though I gave her sugar cubes. It was a mean horse - but so pretty!

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