Friday, October 23, 2009

Plaid blazer for Autumn

I just couldn't resist buying the fabric for this blazer. I had printed out the Steffi pattern from BurdaStyle months and months ago. I first tried making it up using some leftover snakeskin print fabric and some black fabric with a rough texture. I got it half done and then realised how terrible it looked - it was far too 80s. I know 80s stuff is in right now but this was over the top. So it's sitting there sleeveless with all my other unfinished projects. The good thing about it was that I found out it was just too big. And that was a size 38. Normally I'm a 40. So I made the plaid one in size 36. And it fits great!

I lengthened the sleeves a little and would have made them even longer but I only bought 1.5m of fabric (the pattern says you need 2m so I was lucky....).The original blazer isn't lined but I don't think it's so nice to have an unlined wool one... I found some beautiful aubergine satin (and I got half a metre extra for free cos it was the end of the roll!!) and lined it with that.

I added a loop so I can hang it up.

I was gonna put in some inside pockets but when I pinned on a pocket and put stuff in it it was so visible on the outside. You could even see my lip balm! I am thinking about making a blouse from the leftover satin. Or maybe a skirt.

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