Friday, November 20, 2009

My new dress!

I went into one of the I love Textil shops yesterday. I know I shouldn't (I have faaaar too many half finished projects) but I really want a little black dress and I don't have any appropriate fabric in my stash. I couldn't find the perfect black fabric but I did see my new dress!!! I love love love this fabric! It's turquoise and black zebra print! I had to buy it. And it was only 390ft a metre.... can't beat that! And it's stretchy which = comfy. I have too many dresses which cause me pain if I eat anything.... I'm guessing it's some kind of cotton stretch twill. I love Textil isn't big on fabric labelling....

I started the dress as soon as I got home. So far the bodice is nearly done, just gotta add on the skirt, do the neck facing, add a zip and I'm thinking huge pockets so I don't have to carry a bag.


  1. Hopefully I can get it finished today and then get some pics put up maybe tomorrow.

  2. Oh that is the best animal print I have seen in a while! Looking forward to seeing what style of dress you have made it into! :)


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