Monday, November 2, 2009

A present for Jacob

I started making this fabric book for Jacob - Hayley's baby - before he was born and I have only just finished it now. Jacob is now seven months old.... I couldn't figure out a nice way to stick the pages together and then finally I thought of blanket stitching.

Some of the things in it are memories of things Hayley and I did together, others are just random.

Thinking of when I was teaching Hayley how to drive manual always makes me smile :)

Hayley (on the left) and me. She loves denim skirts.

The bee was an idea of Andras'. He drew it for me. I think it's cute.

I made a little movie with Andras when I was making this book which had a ghost in it. So I just traced around the ghost onto fabric...

Hayley and I had goldfish for a very short time. Pig and Dog. RIP.

A little NZ-ness.

A message for Jacob!

I made a bag thing too out of the blue polka dot fabric.

This is the card I made to go with it. I have always loved making cards! I think it would be great to make cards for a living. I didn't have any baby coloured fabric so I dyed some white cotton with coffee (was out of black tea....). Later András was like "you know, you can use my paints...". I didn't even think of painting paper! The nappy, hair, eyes and dummy are felt.

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