Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Turquoise Zebra

I have been really loving retro looking dresses lately so I wanted to go for a fitted bodice and a full skirt. I only bought a metre and a half of the fabric so it's not quite as full as I would have liked (I'm trying to reduce the amount of fabric I have so I am trying to not go crazy and buy metres and metres of stuff which I won't use (like all the turquoise and black swimsuit fabric I have left over from my bikini - yes, I bought TWO metres of it to make a bikini... I just fell in love with the fabric... which actually happens to match this fabric kinda perfectly).

Anyway. So I got this dress done on Saturday night. I was sewing like mad to get it finished before I went out so I could wear it. I even temporarily sewed a belt on so it would sit in the right place! I should add belt loops.

I put a long (I think it's 60cm) invisible zip in the back so I can step into it - it's just so much nicer to not have to pull a dress over my head and mess up my hair....

I didn't use a pattern, just my bodice sloper which I think I need to adjust a bit - it has too much ease in it for my liking. I took it in a lot at the waist.

I moved the skirt side seams around to the front a bit because I put in some inseam pockets. I made a skirt in the spring with an inseam pocket which is right exactly on the side and it is so hard for me to find! These ones I have no problem finding. I lined them with black satin. It's so nice and silky on my hands :)

After making it I thought the length looked a bit too long for the bar I was going to so I attached domes so I can adjust the length!

I've sewn on about 4 of them so far - quite time consuming - and I was running out of time on Sat night so I just tacked up the rest (and undid it after getting the shorter skirted pics). I will get the rest of the domes sewn on next time I'm watching some Gossip Girl. I really don't like hand sewing - it's so tedious. I almost always hand sew hems though... It just makes things look so much nicer.

I think if it's long then it looks better with a wider belt. The ones in these pics look too thin.

I wanted to make a belt to go with it and I had an idea in my head. It's black satin with thick elastic inside it and two big hooks and eyes to close it.

It actually looks exactly as I imagined it BUT it doesn't look like I want it to when I wear it.... It's too puffy and makes my waist look bigger. So that was a bit of a disappointment. I do love my new dress though.

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