Monday, December 21, 2009

Goals haha

So much for making a coat... I didn't even start cutting out the fabric yet... hahaha. I did go and buy interfacing for it today though. (Shops close at 1pm on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays!! Makes life hard when I slept in til 2pm on Saturday... Now I don't have any excuse not to start though). The cheap fabric store doesn't sell interfacing so I always go to the shop which is right around the corner from me. The old ladies in there are so sweet. I go in, they ask what I am looking for so I say black fabric for a dress. They pull out all these nice black fabrics for me and then start telling me stories about the dresses they used to wear when they were young. The 'Princess' dress was popular. All three of the old ladies used to wear them. And they said 'Princess' in English. It was a very simple dress which I think from their gestures went in a lot at the waist. Maybe it was a princess seamed sheath dress? One of the women had one in red, another had one which she always wore with heels this high. They said the fabric I really liked isn't suitable for a Princess dress so I'm going to make one with a pleated flowy skirt. Does anyone know what a Hungarian Princess dress looked like? These women are about 60 so I think they would have been young/wearing these dresses in the sixties/early seventies. They said the dresses could have sleeves of various lengths.

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