Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is a coat in 5 days possible?

While I was in the fabric shop yesterday I spotted some great fabric I want to use for a coat. I'm thinking of setting myself a goal - make a new coat by the end of the week (today is Wednesday). I think this is doable because I quit my job the other day - my boss was being a moron - so I have an extra 30-35 hours a week to sew! :)

It's snowing at the moment and it's meant to get down to -10°C at the weekend.... Brrrrr. My current coat was perfect for early winter but now Budapest is really getting cold. I have been sketching some ideas of what I want. 

I know the collar isn't the most practical design for the cold but it looks so much more elegant than a hood!

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  1. I like the sketch of the coat and I think that the collar is just right for this type of coat!


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