Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mini owls!

BurdaStyle is putting up quick projects to make as gifts. One is the Mini Owl Ornament. I have been looking at all the cute little owls people have been posting up and wanted to make some. I thought it would be the perfect activity for my English class. I love 'teaching'. I have two students who I adore. Zsófi loves making craft stuff so quite often we make various things. She's 11. Marci doesn't like crafts quite as much but he joins in anyway. Usually I get them to teach me stuff :) They come back from school with all these great ideas and I'm like 'I want to make one of those!' but this time it was reversed for once :) Marci came late so Zsófi and I each made an owl. It took over an hour but that's ok cos we were hand sewing and chatting. I am going to make millions of these! Just on my machine to speed things up.

I just discovered a new haberdashery on Podmaniczky today. The lady working there was so sweet. At first she said they only had the beads which were on the counter (some red, white and yellow ones - not suitable for owl eyes...). I was in a super hurry and I pouted a lot (I didn't have time to go into another rövidárúbolt...) so she said she would have a look out back :) She found a huge bag of black beads which was 900ft(!!) but she was nice and made me a little bag up of them. Haberdasheries I think are the one type of shop in Hungary that never ever have nasty staff.


  1. Hello Jodi! Thanks for your comments on my blog. Your little owl is very cute. I like your other creations too, you sew very funky stuff, particluarly that zebra dress and the blue plaid coat, which doesn't hang strangely in the front :) As for your vienna fabric shopping question: well, you are very welcome to vienna, but fabric shopping, I warn you, is not great. There's little choice and it's not very cheap. I would imagine that budapest has better fabric stores, especially judging by the funky fabrics you use, and also that these shops are cheaper. Maybe I should go fabric shopping in budapest some day! But if you are seriously planning on coming here, let me kow beforehand and I'll give you a little list of some of the good places you could go to. there is one very good sewing supply store, a very old-fashioned little shop in the center of the city, they also made my belt buckle, and they have tons of buttons, belt buckles, zippers, you name it! x

  2. Thank you for your sweet words!

    I have a friend who lives in Vienna so I might pay her a visit one of these days. That sewing supply store sounds great!

    Budapest doesn't have the best fabric stores ever but there is a great chain that has fabric of varying quality for about €1.50 per metre! I go there far too often (that's where I got the zebra and blue plaid from).


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