Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now I can work on my stuff again!!

I finished up the Star Wars costumes today! I went round to the workshop after 2pm today to drop off the Amidala kimono and obi and pretty gold hangy thing I managed to make in one day plus another Jedi robe. I got there and they were like 'uh, could you maybe make us another robe as well?'. So I biked to the fabric shop, bought some fabric (they have some gorgeous new stuff in there... I think I will be going back again there tomorrow....), went home and started sewing like mad and dropped off the new robe there just after 6pm! I'm quite impressed with myself. So I'm all done with that. I don't have any pics though. I wasn't really thinking about it and I was in a rush. I have a couple of terrible ones of me in unfinished Jedi robes but they are really not good. Hopefully they will take some pics. They better!

Sooooo, now I have time to work on my stuff :) I half made a satin dress a few weeks back. I have worn it too. I was running really late the night I wore it but I really really wanted to wear it so I pinned up the hem. Try wearing what is basically a pencil skirt (i.e. not a lot of walking room) with lots of pins sticking in it under a Winter coat. I was in so much pain! I got jabbed with every step I took (which started happening as soon as I got out of my building). I ended up walking home holding my coat away from my legs while trying to not look like some weirdo flasher.

This dress is on it's 3rd front. It's started out life as a basic shift dress with a high side front slit. I was told it was too high and it looked like something J.Lo would wear so I took out the larger of the two front skirt panels and put in two smaller ones, the middle one pleated. Those pleats looked AWFUL. Even though I spent hours ironing them. They didn't hold right. And also, it wasn't so great that they were in a separate panel - it made them fall in an awkward way. It was late at night and I was tired so I thought it looked good and I finished up most of the dress (I attached the bodice to the skirt etc).

Look at them and all their unevenness!

In the morning I came to my senses. Well, not totally. But enough to realise how bad those pleats were. So, I unpicked all of the front :(

I made a one piece skirt front with pleats in the centre. I had the brain wave to interface the pleated section before pleating it. By now I was really hating pleats. The interfacing made my pleats look so nice and even! I wore the dress out with the interfaced pleats. Wearing it I realised how completely stiff the interfacing made it.... It doesn't drape!!! So now I'm trying to take the bloody interfacing off. I'm determined that this is going to be a great dress though! Eventually.

This is what it currently looks like.


  1. There is nothing more frustrating than having to re-sew something several times. Good luck with finishing it. It looks like it's going to turn out to be a really cute dress.

  2. Oh I remember the same pleated episode happenning to me once :)
    It took some time to make them all look distantly related to one another :)
    From what I see this is going to be a fabulous dress!!


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