Friday, November 19, 2010

Sewing machine for sale!

I am selling my sewing machine so if anyone in the Budapest area is interested, let me know. It's an Elna 1000. I also have a MOUNTAIN of fabric, and a lot of notions (buttons, zips, thread, etc) that I want to sell as well. I also have some patterns too. Basically a whole lot of sewing related stuff.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A photo from summer

When I was in Serbia in the summer ELLE Serbia magazine took a picture of me when I was wearing a dress I made!! I finally managed to find the pic!!! It is in their Street fashion, avgust 2010. I made that bag too.

 Photo: Predrag Janjatović

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scarf Weather

I haven't posted anything for some time.... I wasn't so well at the end of September so I couldn't be bothered with all the photo taking and blogging for Self-Stitched-September although I did keep wearing stuff I had made right up to the end. You will just have to believe me without the photographic evidence :)

I haven't done much sewing at all lately but I have picked up my knitting needles again. I made a striped mohair scarf. I love it, it's so warm.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SSS - Days 19 and 20

Day 19

I wore my black and white dress, belt, petticoat, and aubergine cardigan. It was beautiful and sunny in the morning and reasonably warm - lovely for biking around. It was a nice day at work - all the terrible guests left :)

Day 20

I wore my new pants, black cut-out t-shirt, aubergine cardigan and later my plaid jacket.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

SSS - Days 15, 16, 17 and 18

Day 15.

Why should going out clothes be restricted to when you are actually going out? I made this dress a couple of years ago but I had only worn it out twice. It is not really appropriate for a day at work (sheer/ very low cut back.... see pics here) but then I had a brain wave. I could just wear it with a top and it would look like a skirt! 

I wore it with my new polo necked top. Looking at the pics I think look so conservative. Not my usual style. This top makes me laugh when I wear it. It is like something one of those poncy people who go to all the exhibition openings would wear. Maybe I should wear it with cord. Cord pants? The arty people seem to adore cord :) This is like a way to play dress up but no-one knows I am doing it :) Like my own personal secret Halloween. Does this make any sense?

This is also the kind of top I would wear if I was a burglar :)

After work I went looking for some fabric. In the second hand shop that is just down the road from my work I didn't find any nice fabric. But I found lots of nice wool! 

600 grams of wool for only 1000ft!! That is less than 4 euro! I got 4 balls of a beautiful turquoise 100% mohair. This is going to be my motivation for learning to follow a knitting pattern properly - I want to make a cardigan. The lady in the shop was like 'it's so easy, don't worry!'. So I am just going to trust that she is right.

I also got pink, purple, navy and blue polyacryl/mohair. That is going to become a long stripey scarf.

Then I went to the fabric store on Király and they are having a szövet sale. Wool suiting(? I think that is what szövet means) for 630ft/m! So I got black and white fabric for my new pants. It looks kind of like static on the tv - black and white close up and grey from afar.

Day 16

I spent most of the day sewing while watching old episodes of Ally McBeal. It's such a great show! So I was in my pyjamas and half finished new pants for pretty much the entire day. Until I had to go out. So I put on my turquoise zebra dress.

Day 17

I got up at 6am because I really wanted to wear my new pants. Did a bit more sewing on them before work. All I have left to do is hem them (I just tucked them up, it didn't really show that they weren't finished) and change the position of the hook and eye. 

They are pattern 108 from the September 2010 Burda magazine. I really like them! It is so nice to wear pants after more than two weeks in just skirts and dresses.

It was a cold, rainy day. I wore my polo neck, my aubergine cardigan and my plaid jacket.

Day 18

I just had to wear my new pants again! This time with my loose black top and blue wrap cardigan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SSS - Days 13 and 14

On Day 13 I wore my colourful summer dress (modified Burda 7829) and my aubergine cardigan. I wish I had better pics because I really love this outfit!

Yesterday, Day 14, I wore my turquoise zebra dress, blue wrap cardigan and plaid jacket.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SSS - Day 12

Today I am wearing a refashioned jumper, my black cut-out t-shirt, and my mauve satin skirt. I will have to upload the before pics of this jumper. I bought it back in January for an ugly pullover party but ended up wearing a different jumper. I removed the sleeves and the collar. It was so hard to pull over my head. Where do these tiny-headed people live? I took it in at the sides too to make it more flattering. 

The label made me laugh. 64% polyacryl, 27% wool, 5% angora, 2% viscose, 2% METAL. 

It was so lovely and warm in the morning sunshine. I biked to work. I love biking on Sunday mornings - the streets are pretty quiet, not so many people out and about.

SSS - Day 11 - A new dress

At first I wasn't so enthusiastic about Self-Stitched-September. I wasn't looking forward to a month of mismatched outfits. But this week I have been doing a reasonable amount of sewing. I made a jacket/cardigan, a polo necked top and then yesterday a dress. It is nice to have a few more items to add some variety.

I lengthened pattern 121 from Burda September 2010 (the one I just used to make a top with) and made a dress. I was looking through my stash for some kind of stretchy fabric and found this. I bought it more than a year ago planning to make it into a bikini (I bought two metres of it. I think I thought that it was such amazing fabric that I would want to make a million swimsuits out of it... hehe. In the end I couldn't find any white swimsuit lining fabric so I didn't use it at all...). It is the same fabric as the bikini I made last year, just a different colour.

This fabric is great, it doesn't fray at all (it's spandex). So I didn't have to finish any seams. I didn't have to hem it either! Such a quick dress to make :)

I wore it with my black and white belt and my navy jardigan. It was a pretty warm night so I was fine like that.

I wasn't sure if the dress looked really cool or really terrible. Neither of my flatmates were home to ask so I got changed about five times before getting up the courage to go out in it :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

SSS - Days 9 and 10

Day 9 was really nice. It was so warm! I wore my favourite dress and my sparkly leggings. And I was completely fine outside like that. The Hungarians on the street though - they were in completely buttoned up jackets, scarves. I even saw an old woman in a knee length wool coat! I have been here nearly five years but I still do not understand this part of the Hungarian thinking. Once the weather becomes cold enough to wear cold weather clothes it does not matter if later there actually is a warm day or not, those cold weather clothes will still be worn until at least March... 

I bought my first Burda magazine!! Exciting for me! The September 2010 issue. I was leafing through it thinking 'why didn't I buy this magazine years ago?! There are so many garments to make!'. Then I had a look at the pattern insert. OMG. Now I had heard that they have a lot of lines. But I just did not expect this....

Minor freak out. Couple this with the fact that all the instructions are in Hungarian. But then I figured out how the patterns work - very happy moment!

I made up 121 which is a skivvy. I don't think I have owned a skivvy since I was about 14!  I could not figure out the instructions for the collar at all even though it is a simple garment. Thanks Mariann for translating for me! I asked her if she could help me and she had a copy of the magazine on her table right there with her! 

I think I will be buying this magazine every month now. It is only 945ft for the Hungarian issue (and the man in the Burda shop loves me so he gives me a 10% discount on top of that. Is this a sign that I spend far too much money on sewing related things?). So many patterns for such a low price!

Day 10

Today I wore my new skivvy. Isn't that such a terrible word? Maybe I should say polo necked top? 

It is made from a pretty sheer knit with black velvet polka dots. I wore it with my Marie skirt and sparkly leggings, and later in the evening when it got cold and I was walking round in the rain - with my aubergine cardigan and plaid jacket.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

SSS - Day 8

I had a lovely relaxing day off work. Well it was relaxing until I cut out the pattern pieces for the Jorinde jacket from some fabric I bought a week ago for it. After I cut everything out I had another look at the instructions. Oh my god... Has anyone made this pattern up?? There are no pictures at all. And the instructions are very confusing.

"Piping pockets with covers, front dart:
Pin the piping straps onto the pocket edges (cross edges where the pocket opens) of the front pieces, the right sides are facing. Allow the piping straps to overlap approximately _” (1 cm) along the front dart lines. Stitch the piping along the seam line.
Do a diagonal cut along the front dart lines to the bottom seam end; do not enclose the piping straps. Press the allowances apart. Fold the piping straps around the pocket opening, inside the pocket and make sure that the width of the piping is distributed equally. Stitch along the seam line. Stitch the darts, thereby enclosing the piping ends. The fold lines of the piping meet. Press the darts towards the front center. Pin the lining onto the allowances of the lower piping, stitch narrowly along the allowances. End stitching 1/16” (2 mm) before the marked side seam. Press the pocket pouch downwards."

So hard to figure it out.... So I left it and watched the first episode of Project Runway Season 8 with Marko. Love that show! It's always good for a laugh.
I wore my beige dress (Burda 7954) and new navy jardigan (jacket/cardigan) (modified Jonny)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SSS - Day 6

I spent the morning doing some sewing for me. I made a collarless jacket/cardigan. It is cardigan like fabric but constructed more like a jacket (inset sleeves, darts, facings).

It is a navy blue wool blend so it's nice and warm. I modified BurdaStyle's Jonny dress pattern to make it. It does up with hooks and eyes.

Again another mirror pic. I am sure I will be wearing this a lot this month so there has to be better photos of it sometime.

I also wore my turquoise zebra dress. And when I was outside at night, my plaid jacket too. No Indian summer here this year....

Monday, September 6, 2010

SSS - Days 4 and 5

Yesterday was great! Bridget, one of my good friends from high school who I hadn't seen in about seven years, came to Budapest with her hubby for one night. So good to catch up!

We did the touristy thing. Went up to the castle district.

I wore my plaid jacket, black Marie skirt, and aubergine cardigan. The scarf is one I got in Morocco. Its colour completely changed after I washed it. It used to be bright pink!

We went into the Marcipan Museum. I was super excited and amazed by all the marcipan creations and took far too many photos.

Can you believe this is marcipan!?

Isn't this just absolutely amazing!

That night we went to a party where we saw some pretty cool bands.

I changed to my wine silk skirt, sparkly black leggings, sheer and lacy black top, and plaid jacket.

I have learnt that alcohol doesn't really stop the pain of ground shock...

Then today, Day 5, I worked all day and forgot to ask anyone to take a pic for me so here you get a mirror one.

I wore my red and pink plaid dress, my black and white belt, my blue wrap cardigan and my plaid jacket. Yes, I did double plaid. I have to tell myself "at least it's not as bad as double denim...". I must get on to sewing my new solid colour jacket tomorrow!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

SSS - Days 2 and 3

On Day 2 I went out to dinner with my workmates. I wore my loose black top, my greyscale mini-skirt, and my plaid jacket.

Yesterday, Day 3, was really busy. I did some clothes alterations for a client, had a couple of English classes, then went to work at the Loft. I think it is kind of funny that I am doing alterations for someone else - I can't remember ever actually having done any alterations on my own store-bought clothes...

I wore my black and white dress, aubergine cardigan, and later, my plaid jacket. Yes, this dress really does not go well with plaid.... No photo of that... This is one of the bad things about this challenge - I just don't have enough clothes in solid colours.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self-Stitched-September starts!

So Self-Stitched-September is here already!

It is like Me-May-May, a group of people wearing things they have made for the month. It is organised by the amazing Zoe. This time she has managed to get more than 160 people joining in! You can see the list of them here. There is a Self-Stitched-September flickr group where you can see what people have been wearing.

When I first heard about SSS I had such high hopes for myself - I wanted to make underwear and knit socks and cardigans to wear for September. Of course I didn't touch my knitting needles this summer.... Even yesterday was the first time I used my sewing machine in three weeks!

So I will have revised rules for myself. I will wear just clothes I have made myself except for lingerie, hosiery, shoes and socks and sleepwear (it is so cold here. I think it is 10 degrees at night. So there is no way I am going to sleep in my tiny little pyjamas. I don't want to freeze to death in my sleep).

This is my outfit from last night. I wore my cut-out t-shirt, Marie skirt, blue wrap cardigan, and plaid jacket.

I went to watch my friends' great blues band, T.Rogers, play. I like going to their concerts. I can go out alone and there are always lots of people I know there.

It was Jerome's last night out in Budapest (good luck for Spain Jerome!!).

Monday, August 2, 2010

More pics of my newest dress

I wore this dress yesterday so I could get some more photos of it. It's the one I wrote about a couple of days back, Burda 8693.

Can I call what these shoulders are yokes? Even if it doesn't go right across the dress? I top stitched whatever it is.

Now I have a slight belt addiction. It's funny how people's tastes can change. Nowadays I don't like dresses without any waist definition as much as I would have a few years back. And I definitely wouldn't have worn a waist belt! I think I read too many sewing blogs written by people who love 50's fashion. The only shaping this dress has is two bust darts so I think it needs the belt. 

It's a wee bit wrinkled from sitting down at work...I don't know what this fabric is. It has a nice sheen to it and it's very light. But it wrinkles really easily. I love the colours of it though.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Polka Dots and Rubber Chickens

I made this dress a few months ago. I wanted to wait until I had some nice (outdoor) pics of it but I have realised if I think like that nothing will ever get uploaded!

I modified Burda pattern 7831 - it is a blouse pattern - a lot to make this. I changed the front completely - I got rid of the darts and made it a wrap front. I got rid of the collar too. I used the sleeve pattern pieces but instead of adding elastic in a casing I pleated them a little at the hem. The skirt is just three trapezoids. I just learnt (relearnt? It's been so long since I did geometry) that word. I thought they were called trapezes but then I googled it....

It is a very light, see though blue polka dot fabric. In Hungarian it's called something like muslin but I don't think it is what people generally think of as muslin....

I made a white under dress to wear with it using the bodice of my all-time favourite pattern, Burda 7829, with a circle skirt attached.