Thursday, January 28, 2010

A great day!

Today is turning out to be a really great day! When I looked out the window this morning huge flakes of snow were falling - the snow is so pretty. Everything is white (well everything that isn't the street... the street snow is diiiirty.) Then I went to Budaörs  (a town just outside of Budapest) and had an English class. I played with trains with my student's two year old son for about an hour while she was cooking lunch. It had been a very, very long time since I last played with trains. The nice thing about playing with kids is seeing how excited they get about small things like the trains crashing into each other. Even just the trains going into a tunnel caused a lot of excitement!

Then I went and got SEVEN new bobbins.  Writing this I am realising I am just like Petike, hehe. Such a small thing making me so happy. Then I went to the cheap fabric store and.... they had this pink and red plaid fabric!! Exactly perfect for this contest! Now I don't have to try and match two separate fabrics, or pink fabric with red trim or anything :)

And now I'm listening to Crystal Castles which always makes me happy and the best thing of all - I have almost a whole day 'til I have to work next! Lots of time for making stuff!

Here is the pink top I talked about in the last post:

It's corduroy and so far just basted together. I don't know if I should make it a lot shorter with a curved hem, or leave it the length it is now. Any ideas?

I was going to add boning to the seams but then I think of my boned dresses and how they hang in my wardrobe, neglected. I like boning in theory. I even have a couple of metres of it lying around. But then, when I wear something that's boned I just feel so restricted. Maybe it wouldn't be such a problem if it was boning combined with stretch fabric?

 And the red dress:

This is one is stretch satin. Does it need to be tighter or looser to get rid of the wrinkles?

Pink and Red?

I found my unpicker but I have only done a couple of hours of sewing this month... like seriously two hours. This has to change. I have started lots of things - I have cut out dress patterns (which are lying on my floor), I started an apron, and I have been playing around with a half-finished pink strapless top I started in the summer. I haven't finished anything though...  I want(ed) to enter the Pink & Red contest on BurdaStyle but I don't want to buy anymore fabric, especially not pink and red which I don't think really go well together.... Why couldn't they have chosen a nicer colour combo?? Like pink and black, or pink and white.... So anyway I looked though my have-to-finish-sometime pile and found the pink top. It is salmon so I am really struggling to figure out how to incorporate red... I also found a nearly finished dark red stretch satin dress. Now I really cannot imagine pink with that... So I might have to give this contest a miss :(

Now I'm going to rug up and go out into the snow and freezing cold (it's -6 and the Danube is covered in ice). I need to get some bobbins (does anyone else have this problem? I never ever have enough bobbins... Maybe I should just start sewing with one colour of thread....).

And maybe, just maybe, I will see if I can find some nice pink and red fabric...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where is my unpicker???

I have lost my unpicker! This is completely crazy. And bloody annoying. I really tidied up my flat and now it is missing. This is why I like being messy - at least then I can find my stuff!! I cut out and sewed up a new bigger bodice front for my black holiday dress and now I can't even unpick the too small bodice from the dress!! Grrrrrrr!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a new year! I have made a few resolutions. My main one is to be healthier. My sewing one is to get perfect fitting clothes. They kind of relate to each other - if I make clothes that fit perfectly then I will feel more comfortable in them - both mentally and physically.

I haven't done any sewing yet this year. I wanted to make a mini-skirt on New Years Day but I couldn't find the fabric for it. I was pretty sure I had quite a bit of the turquoise zebra fabric left but I hunted through my stash (which is kept in many different places - my wardrobe, under my bed, in boxes...) and I only found a small square of it. So that is another thing I want to work on - getting all my fabric organised and reducing the amount of fabric I have.

I made a holiday dress two weeks ago. I wanted something nice to wear for Christmas. I used Burda pattern 7829 for about the ten thousand millionth time. I don't think I have ever used a pattern quite so many times as this one... I just really like it! So you would think I would have gotten the fit perfect on it like when I made it in cotton. I used this beautiful shiny black fabric I found with the help of the sweet old ladies at the fabric shop around the corner. It is amazing how much using different fabrics affects the fit. At first I made it and it was reasonably comfortable but it kind of stuck out awkwardly at the sides of the bust. So I took it in about one cm on each side. This made it look perfect. I can breathe - just not as deeply as I would like to at times. It's just a little too restrictive and kinda squishes my tits down. It also means I can't eat too much but I see that as a positive. Luckily I have enough leftover fabric so I am going to redo the front bodice and make it just a teensy bit bigger. I think redo is one of my least favourite words. It means a lot of unpicking, a lot of time and lot of fiddling around. I'm just trying to think how much healthier I will feel being able to breathe normally (see how my resolution fits in with sewing!).

This pic was taken on Christmas night at my friend's gallery. It was such a nice evening with wine, carrots and interesting people :)