Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink and Red?

I found my unpicker but I have only done a couple of hours of sewing this month... like seriously two hours. This has to change. I have started lots of things - I have cut out dress patterns (which are lying on my floor), I started an apron, and I have been playing around with a half-finished pink strapless top I started in the summer. I haven't finished anything though...  I want(ed) to enter the Pink & Red contest on BurdaStyle but I don't want to buy anymore fabric, especially not pink and red which I don't think really go well together.... Why couldn't they have chosen a nicer colour combo?? Like pink and black, or pink and white.... So anyway I looked though my have-to-finish-sometime pile and found the pink top. It is salmon so I am really struggling to figure out how to incorporate red... I also found a nearly finished dark red stretch satin dress. Now I really cannot imagine pink with that... So I might have to give this contest a miss :(

Now I'm going to rug up and go out into the snow and freezing cold (it's -6 and the Danube is covered in ice). I need to get some bobbins (does anyone else have this problem? I never ever have enough bobbins... Maybe I should just start sewing with one colour of thread....).

And maybe, just maybe, I will see if I can find some nice pink and red fabric...

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