Friday, February 12, 2010

My new goal

So, I have another goal: to make something every day. Whether it is cooking dinner (I really need to start eating healthier all the time), baking, making some craft thing, or doing some sewing. I don't have to finish something, but I have to work on something creative.

I have today off work and didn't have to work yesterday. I can't remember the last time I had two days off in a row....

So I have had lots of time for making stuff. Yesterday I baked delicious banana muffins.

Then I made some paper mache paste. I know it looks like a jar of 'life' but I swear it's glue.

I found a great recipe on a page I can't remember but it's really easy. One part flour to five parts water. Boil for three minutes, add some salt so it doesn't go mouldy and that's it. Easy peasy.

One of my friends is gonna have a masquerade party in a week so I need a mask. So today I paper mached my face...


The first layer was difficult - it wouldn't really stick to my skin. The following layers were fine though, paper sticks to paper much better. I gave myself a beak. It was actually quite enjoyable. Until I waited for an hour for it to dry. Then taking it off... It stuck to my face! I have huge red marks on my face. It was kind of like using those pore cleansing strips except on 2/3 of my face! Painful. I even lost four eyebrow hairs... So if you are going to do something like this it is probably a good idea to coat your face in Vaseline first. I don't even know if Vaseline is for sale in Hungary...

I haven't decided how I will decorate it yet. Maybe I will paint it, maybe I will cover it in fabric, or feathers! 

It is funny looking at it. My face is smaller than I thought.... 

If I paint it I want it to be smooth. Is it possible to sand paper paper mache? Or will it make it fall apart?

I think it will be black. I'm going to wear this black dress which I finally fixed (now the bodice fits great and I can actually breathe).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ima start Stash Bustin'

I just read about Zoe's Stash Bustin' campaign. She is going to reduce her fabric stash. This is just what I need - a group of other sewers who are also working on reducing the amount of fabric they are hoarding. My stash is out of control. I have fabric everywhere in my flat.... Under my bed, in my wardrobe, in boxes, in a suitcase, some is lying around in my kitchen and other bits are hanging up to dry after being washed... I simply have TOO MUCH FABRIC. I don't really understand that though cos one of my fantasy dream jobs would be to work in a large fabric store... How fabulous would that be... being surrounded by beautiful fabric all day getting to play around with it....

I am really working on reducing my collection though. I only bought two and a half metres of fabric in January!! I am really quite proud of myself. And I used that fabric that I bought! I made a 50's style dress which I will post pics of when I get some nice ones.