Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ima start Stash Bustin'

I just read about Zoe's Stash Bustin' campaign. She is going to reduce her fabric stash. This is just what I need - a group of other sewers who are also working on reducing the amount of fabric they are hoarding. My stash is out of control. I have fabric everywhere in my flat.... Under my bed, in my wardrobe, in boxes, in a suitcase, some is lying around in my kitchen and other bits are hanging up to dry after being washed... I simply have TOO MUCH FABRIC. I don't really understand that though cos one of my fantasy dream jobs would be to work in a large fabric store... How fabulous would that be... being surrounded by beautiful fabric all day getting to play around with it....

I am really working on reducing my collection though. I only bought two and a half metres of fabric in January!! I am really quite proud of myself. And I used that fabric that I bought! I made a 50's style dress which I will post pics of when I get some nice ones.


  1. Yes, the fabric stashing. I know this problem, particularly since the apartment I live in is not all that big. Sigh! But then again I'm not too crazy a fabric buyer, because it's hard finding nice, affordable fabric here, so I need to jump for it when I see any. So, I'll keep buying I suppose.

    Good luck with the stash bustin'!

  2. How can I resist the nymph- like singing and whispering the fabric gives me whenever I drop by at the fabric store? I just bought a small amount this month - almost negligible amount! And yes, I can totally relate you you in regard to fabric clutter. But it's not likely that it is going to get reduced.


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