Friday, March 26, 2010

Polka Dots for Spring

A couple of weeks ago I saw a girl on the bus with a gingham Spring coat. I think it was red and white. It was amazing. So I have been thinking about making my own Spring coat ever since. I bought Burda pattern 7786 the other day after seeing Carolyn's beautiful trench coat.

I had been hunting for the perfect fabric. Every second girl I see on the street is wearing a beige trench coat. Seriously. They are everywhere. I know it is the classic look but I wanted something different. And I couldn't stop thinking of the gingham....

Then today it was a gorgeous day - I actually wore a summer dress with no tights for the first time this year! It was 20 degrees! - so I went for a walk with one of my friends. We went up to the castle cos he hadn't been up there in forever. Then we wandered down to near Moszkva tér. I hardly ever walk around Buda. I go to Buda at least once a week cos of work but otherwise I don't really head to that side of the river. So that area of Budapest around Moszkva is still kind of foreign to me. I should have realised a new area = new fabric shops. I couldn't resist the temptation when I saw a shop window filled with beautiful fabrics.

I found this:

Yes, I realise it isn't gingham but I LOVE it. It is a dark brown with white polka dots. I was so excited that I have already prewashed it and now it is hanging up to dry. It's cotton with a bit of elastane.

I'm loving polka dots right now. I am also working on a very sheer blue polka dot wrap dress.

I have to get started on tracing the pattern out. I always used to just cut my patterns but now I am trying to keep them multi-sized. I only just realised this one has 24 pieces though... TWENTY FOUR. I think that will be a whole morning of tracing and then cutting.....

All the gingham I found during my fabric search was very light weight. Not suitable for a jacket. I went into a few fabric stores yesterday too. I didn't buy anything in them BUT I did discover fabric sold by the kilo in a second hand shop!! It was 1500ft/kg. I had no idea what that meant. I am no good at judging the weight of something just by holding it. I found this John Kaldor fabric. Almost 2 metres of it. It is an ultra soft twill. It only cost 330ft! The cashier asked me what I would make out of it so I said pants.

 And I really thought that I would. Until I got home. I can't wear pants this crazy... So now I think it will make a very nice lining for a travel bag (I have made the pattern, just gotta find the perfect fabric for it...)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have been a very bad girl

I just went to the fabric shop. I bought 14 metres of fabric.... Yes, I got a little carried away. It is not as bad as it sounds though - 4 metres of that is lining fabric... I thought I would pop in to a little fabric shop I hardly ever visit (I had to go to a bus stop near it so I thought I might as well see what they have now). I wanted to get some fabric to make pyjamas. I am quite in a pyjama making mood these days - I have already made one and a half sets in the past few weeks. So I got some cotton. Some is plain pink with stripes (the stripe is a different texture) and the other is pink and green striped.

That fabric is in the wash now. I am actually pre-washing fabric! I don't do that nearly often enough. Normally impatience takes over me. Yesterday though I tried on a half finished wool jacket I had made. It's shrunk! I hadn't hemmed it at all or put in any facings but I have worn it a few times, I think it looks ok unfinished. So I washed it in cold water. I wash most of my clothes in cold - and it shrunk anyway! Is wool not washable?

The other fabric I bought is a border print nylon. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to make a Spring dress out of it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love living here!

My new flatmate's girlfriend Dora just knocked on my door and said she had made a cake and asked if I wanted some. Of course I said yes. She brings it in and says 'It's pavlova'. Pavlova!!!! It is a Kiwi dessert!!! I haven't had pavlova in god knows how long. Not since I was in NZ and I haven't been there since 2005.... And Dora didn't know it was a NZ thing! Such an amazingly great - and delicious - coincidence! She even put whipped cream and fresh fruit on the top! And she sings too!


I haven't really been posting very regularly. I moved flats on Monday. I hate moving, it's so stressful. I had been living alone for the past few months but now I live with my friend Marko and another guy called Tamás who I only met on Thursday. I think it will be fun living here. A change.

I started moving all my stuff last Saturday. I hadn't realised how much stuff I have managed to accumulate since my last move (this is the 10th flat I have lived in in Hungary... I move a lot). Last time moving was hard, but I still had nowhere near as much stuff as I do now. I have more fabric than I do clothes... I discovered fabric I had completely forgotten about. The good thing about moving is the chance to reorganise everything. Now my fabric stash, although still spread, is much more centralised.

Zsuzsa, the girl who moved out of the room I moved into, left me some fabric too. So my stash is growing bigger but that is really not my fault. I  really am trying to work on stash busting.... The only fabric I have bought this year I have actually completed things from! I'm so proud of myeslf. I need to take a lot of photos...

I am a little sad cos I had my favourite haberdashery with sweet staff just around the corner from my old flat. Now it's a 25 min walk away.... No more popping down when I run out of thread or need a zip or to find the perfect matching ribbon. I will have to hunt for a great haberdashery near here although there is an amazing button shop 5 min walk away!

Anyway, speaking of changes. When is Spring going to arrive?? It is -2 right now and was snowing today! In March!