Sunday, March 7, 2010


I haven't really been posting very regularly. I moved flats on Monday. I hate moving, it's so stressful. I had been living alone for the past few months but now I live with my friend Marko and another guy called Tamás who I only met on Thursday. I think it will be fun living here. A change.

I started moving all my stuff last Saturday. I hadn't realised how much stuff I have managed to accumulate since my last move (this is the 10th flat I have lived in in Hungary... I move a lot). Last time moving was hard, but I still had nowhere near as much stuff as I do now. I have more fabric than I do clothes... I discovered fabric I had completely forgotten about. The good thing about moving is the chance to reorganise everything. Now my fabric stash, although still spread, is much more centralised.

Zsuzsa, the girl who moved out of the room I moved into, left me some fabric too. So my stash is growing bigger but that is really not my fault. I  really am trying to work on stash busting.... The only fabric I have bought this year I have actually completed things from! I'm so proud of myeslf. I need to take a lot of photos...

I am a little sad cos I had my favourite haberdashery with sweet staff just around the corner from my old flat. Now it's a 25 min walk away.... No more popping down when I run out of thread or need a zip or to find the perfect matching ribbon. I will have to hunt for a great haberdashery near here although there is an amazing button shop 5 min walk away!

Anyway, speaking of changes. When is Spring going to arrive?? It is -2 right now and was snowing today! In March!

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