Friday, April 30, 2010

Gorgeous Spring Days

I am loving this week! It has been pretty great so far. 

I wanted to enjoy my last few days of 'freedom', relaxing in my store-bought clothes. Didn't happen though because everything was dirty or drying  (washing machine is finally working now! Really happy about that!). So in the above picture is all stuff I have made recently. The belt too. I went to my new favourite bistro, Most, this morning. They have great food and it's reasonably priced and I got to sit in the sunshine and eat my breakfast with my friend Tom who I never get to see often enough (cos he moved back to England and is opening a tea house in Newcastle). What beats a morning like that?

And I went to my favourite rövidárúbolt and got lots of underwear elastic - bugyi gumi - my vocab is expanding :) I decided I might as well give undie making a go and it had been a week or two since I had been in that shop and I adore the girl in there cos she is always so sweet. She gave me a couple of extra metres of elastic for free today!

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