Monday, April 26, 2010

A Great Spring Day!

This day is great for many reasons.

For starters, because I have the day off! I worked the last ten days in a row which was exhausting but now I have today and tomorrow completely off work. Lots of time for making stuff :)

I finished my pj bottoms early this afternoon.

So now I have two sets of pjs ready for Me-Made-May.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. It's 22 degrees! So I wore my blue cotton dress. Just my dress - no sweater or jacket on top, no tights or leggings with it. It was so nice to feel the sun on my skin!

I walked all the way to the fabric store that is near Keleti (about a half hour walk) and then all the way back. The weather was just too nice to take the bus. The ladies in that shop were really nice today! I normally don't go there very often cos the staff are usually so nasty to me so that was a lovely change. For the past week or so people have been so nice to me and I have been attracting good things. I am not exactly sure why but I like it. (At work I made all the guests love me. I got given flowers from one guest, another couple gave me a bottle of wine, I got nice comments written about me....).

I had been stressing a bit about the fact I don't have any me-made jumpers or cardigans. I found some ok knit fabric though. I bought a blue, a grey, and a aubergine. I ran into a guy I know in there and he was saying how hard it is to find nice knits here. It is so true. When I was a teenager, in New Zealand, almost everything I made was with stretch fabrics. Now the majority of stuff I make is with woven materials.... It is very restricting. The clothes I make nowadays are very different to the ones I used to make. Sure my style has changed naturally, but back then I had more options. Whenever I go back to NZ I will have to post pics of all the crazy stuff I used to make :)

Thinking about those clothes I made years ago makes me miss all my patterns... I wonder if I could convince my dad to find them and package them up and post them to me.... I had a great basic cardigan pattern that I used to alter for basically every cardie I made. It drives me crazy how I can only buy Burda patterns here. I can draft basic patterns but it is so time consuming and it makes my head hurt.

Anyway, back to why this is a great day. I got recognised in the fabric shop by someone who reads this blog! That was a surprise and made me super happy. Hi Anna! It was nice to meet you :)

I have started cutting out a new dress. I think this will be my first and last georgette dress... It is so hard to cut out. It moves around so much it is unbelievable! Look at how crooked it is! At least it is much easier to sew than cut.

So I am going to do some work on this dress for a few hours. I am pre-washing my cardigan fabric right now so hopefully that will dry fast and I can get onto making them. Only 5 more sleeps until May!


  1. Have you tried cutting chiffon? I find working with georgette is much more forgiving. I never (again) use pins though as when I pulled them out my piece turned out so much different from the pattern piece. Scary.

  2. Nope, I've never tried chiffon. Georgette is bad enough....


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