Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me-Made-May - My Rules

I thought I should set out my personal rules for this challenge.

I will wear only clothes I have made myself for the month of May. The exceptions are socks, hosiery, lingerie and shoes. I could probably sew myself a few pairs of undies but I just don't want to :)

I have been making cardigans for the past few days. How easy are they! I think I might just convert completely to knit fabrics. No worrying about getting the fit exactly right - knit fabrics stretch! And they are comfy. Really comfy!

I am wearing one of my new cardigans right now. It's a wrap one with raglan sleeves. I think it will be getting worn a lot. I LOVE IT ALREADY. I am also wearing a pajama top I made (even though I am at work...). The washing machine in our flat hasn't been working for this past week so I was getting kind of desperate for clean clothes and my pjs were clean... It's blue and purple floral cotton. I think it is cute - as pajamas - just not as a normal top for being seen in public in.

I want to go buy some more knit fabric tomorrow. I'm thinking black, plain black. I need to be able to mix and match my clothing. I usually find it quite difficult to buy plain fabrics. I really prefer prints. This all means that I have a lot of things that really do not go so well together (like my plaid jacket with my colourful summery dresses....).

I read an article about a month ago that said people who dress in solids appear more trustworthy. I can't remember if it was a fashion article or a psychology one. Either way, it really was quite interesting. Sure, of course clothing affects people's perception of you, but I didn't really think things as simple as solids vs prints could matter so much. Next time I go to an airport I am going to try this out (I always get stopped at the airport, get my bags searched for drugs, my shoes checked for explosives, questioned about where I have been....). I think people generally think of me as very innocent looking but airport people are different. I just tried googling that article but I can't find it. Maybe it was a career one? If anyone finds it, please send me the link.

I want my shift to finish so I can go home and put buttons on my new cardigans!


  1. I'd love to see the cardigans you are making. I have been wanting to try out making some cardigans as well, but don't know what pattern or fabric to use. I'm in dire need of new cardigans, as they are very important staples in my wardrobe.

  2. There are pics up of my blue cardigan. It was really pretty simple to make. I drew around a raglan sleeved jumper I have to make a basic pattern then I changed the shape of the front.


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