Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aubergine cardigan

 I made my own pattern using a raglan sleeved jumper I have as a base. (I drew around the jumper onto paper). It is not perfect but I am really happy with this. I cut the sleeves a little too short so I had to add cuffs. They have little pin tucks. I made some close together and some further apart on purpose. 

 (I knew if I tried to make them perfectly evenly spaced I would drive myself crazy).

I hand sewed the button holes (I discovered on my other cardigan that my machine really does not like to sew button holes on knit fabric.... I didn't want to even try it on this one cos tiny zigzags are near impossible to unpick from this fabric). The button holes were actually surprisingly quick to do. I just cut a hole in the fabric and went around it with blanket stitch. Easy peasy.

It took me quite a while in the button shop to find these buttons. The lady in there was pulling out trillions of boxes, trying to find ones that suited. I suggested going for a contrasting colour (like a nice mint green) and she told me she wouldn't sell those ones to me! Then she found these ones so she was happy and I thought they were perfectI. I really quite love the fact that the women in these shops tell me their opinions on the things I want to buy. Here in Hungary it seems much more natural to discuss the item because you have to ask for what you want in particular. Everything is hidden away in drawers and boxes, or under glass counter tops, or on shelves behind counters you are not allowed to go behind. I am sure I could find most of the supplies I want if only I knew the words for them....

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