Monday, May 10, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 10

I have had a pretty relaxed day.

I made some cheesy asparagus muffins. I love this recipe. I only wish asparagus were in season longer. At the market on the weekend it was a real struggle to find green asparagus. There is white asparagus everywhere but that has a completely different taste.

Now I am at the Loft, "working". There are only a few guests so it is super quiet. They are all really nice though. Some Brazilian guys and an English couple who are going all the way to Singapore overland!

When I arrived Ferci made me an iced coffee.

He used to make me these all the time in the mornings a couple of summers ago. I definitely have to start coming here more often.

 I love Ferci's iced coffees. It's just not the same when I try to make them.

I'm wearing my black dress which has these pointy shoulder thingamabobs (modified Burda pattern 7954).

And my sparkly leggings and blue wrap cardigan.

Just so you know, this isn't the way I would normally dress at all if it weren't for Me-Made-May... First thing Ferci said to me when I came in the door was "you look so serious". Hehe. I feel so dressed up all the time now. Except for when I am in my pjs. Oh yeah, I just made some more pj bottoms today. I will upload pics if I can get the guests to take some nice ones of me :)

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  1. I like the pointy shoulder things on your dress. Those muffins sound so good, I might have to try making them when asparagus is back in season here.


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