Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 11

Today I wore my blue floral dress (Burda 7829), the same dress as on Day 1.

This has been a looooong day. I stayed at the Loft last night and was there til like 2pm. There wasn't so much to do but I feel exhausted anyway. Then I went home, had a nap (I never nap - usually only if I am sick or something), then went to work at the apartment hotel...

So yesterday I made some pj pants to wear with the top (Burda 3379) I had already made (I don't want to always wear those tiny mini bloomers). They aren't the most flattering thing ever but I don't care - they are pjs!

Jerome (he lives one floor down) has put some big arm chairs outside his place on the outside corridor (what are these things really called? I couldn't think of the English word so I just looked this up in a Hungarian dictionary I have!! It doesn't sound quite right though). So I ran down there cos the chairs looked so nice and they were in the sun.

I had fun taking the photos :)

10 minutes after the photos were taken it started raining! Such a huge change so fast. Then tonight there was a thunder storm. The rest of the week is meant to be pretty shitty weather too. Maybe I should make a raincoat?


  1. I love the sequence of shots of you in the large armchairs [is that the word you're looking for?], especially the one where you're running down to get into the chairs. How fun!

  2. I want the word for the outside corridor thingys. I am sure there must me a nicer, prettier word for them.

  3. Great clothes! I think the word you want might be veranda...

  4. No, it's not veranda. In the pictures, what is that. Where I am running.


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