Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 12

This month is passing so quickly! Far too fast. Blogging everyday somehow makes it seem to whiz by.

Today I wanted to wear my pink and yellow colourful dress and so I put it on and it was cold so I put on my plaid jacket too and then I was too scared to go out in such a mix of colours and prints....

So I changed to my beige dress (Burda 7954) which I never usually wear, and my cut-out t-shirt. I really do need to make a plain jacket.... It's really hard to match plaid with stuff.

Today I did some work on my polka dot trench coat. I had planned on finishing this a month ago but then I couldn't set the sleeves in nicely and they were making me so frustrated that I wanted to cry so I just left it and was kind of hoping it would fix itself.

Instead it just sat there taunting me....

There isn't much time left in Spring and I want it to be my Spring coat so I have to pull a finger. So I set in the sleeves, I cut out the lining, and sewed most of the lining pieces together. It feels so nice that it is coming together!

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