Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 17

This turned out to be an unexpectedly great day.

I wore my loose black top, black and white belt, brand spanking new Marie skirt, sparkly leggings (and my blue wrap cardigan and tartan coat but they aren't in this pic).

In the morning I was feeling ready to throw in the me-made towel and just wear everything I owned all at once. The weather is so terrible this week. It was 7 degrees! So cold. It's like winter but at least in winter the heating is on....

But then I decided to make some more clothes instead.

I had the Marie skirt pattern from Burdastyle all ready to go so I had a look through my stash and found some black twill leftover from some costumes I made last year. This is a really easy and quick skirt to make.

I decided to wear it straight after I finished and I was running a little late for work . I can't take my normal big strides in this skirt! I had to do these tiny dainty steps because the circumference of the hem is so small. There is so no way I could have gotten to work on time walking so I had to take the bus and it was even a struggle to lift my leg high enough to step up onto the bus!! If (most probably when) I make this skirt again, I am definitely putting some kind of mobility slit in it.

I was walking (very very slowly) home from work at about midnight and I was almost there when I found a lost tourist all alone with his map so I took him to the Loft Hostel.

Jess was there wearing her refashioned Loft halter top (she made it from a mans t-shirt). She is doing an ultra-lite version of Me-Made-May :)

I ended up having so much fun there. A lot of guests have left behind a lot of clothes over the past few years so we had a look through everything. There are actually some nice things there.

We were talking about people who are doing cool projects with clothes - like Sheena who wore a little black dress every day for a year, and Natalie Purschwitz who is wearing only things she has made (shoes and everything!). We were thinking what Jess could do and came up with Loft and Found - Jess is going to wear just stuff from the Loft's lost and found for a week! 

I think it is completely possible to do. There are even undies in there!

I am altering my rules for this challenge. My original rules were that socks, hosiery, lingerie and shoes were excepted. I want to add one more to that: any item of clothing that is worn at the same time as someone else is wearing it.

Jess found a huge skirt and was like "two of us could fit in this!". And we could fit!

It was kind of like some awesome hybrid of a sack race and a three legged race. You have to move in unison and try not to fall over.

I love the Loft!!


  1. And the Loft Loves You- Please, PLEASE use and abuse those clothes. When Dan was here we were going to make a person out of the last batch. Like stuff the clothes with other clothes to make it look like a person. And them put him somewhere. Erted? But then we just threw them away, after trying to dump them at a few 2nd hand stores. Im sure they made a homeless person happy.

    Have a nice Loft Birthday.

  2. Hehe. I love that idea - like a scarecrow :)


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