Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 19

I had today off work :) And I have the next two off as well :) You know what that means: lots of time for making stuff! I drafted a pattern for a panel skirt and have sewn most of it already. I am using leftover fabric from some other projects so I don't have huge amounts to work with. I was thinking of making it into a dress so I have just spent the past half an hour draping scraps on my body, trying to come up with cool combinations for a dress bodice. I probably should invest in a dressmakers dummy but I do love draping on myself.

So, after all that I think this skirt is going to stay a skirt anyway. What colour do you think I should use for the waistband? Or just go waistband-less? Are waistbands really necessary?

Today I wore my tartan trench coat, aubergine cardigan and blue and red satin dress.

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