Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 21

Happy Third Birthday Loft Hostel!!

I can't believe the Loft is 3 already. Wow. Time flies. So to celebrate we dressed like 3 year olds.

This is the same blouse (Burda 7831) I wore the day before - isn't it versatile! :) I whipped up this skirt just for the occasion. I used the waistband from the Marie skirt, the rest is just rectangles. The pink fabric is from my stash (actually it is fabric Zsuzsa left behind when she moved out - thanks Zsuzsa!), the buttons were going to be on my polka dot trench before I realised that was a terrible idea, the lining fabric is also from my stash so the only thing I had to buy was a zip. The suspenders cross over at the back but I didn't get any pics of that.

I was inspired by the clothes in one of my favourite movies ever - My Neighbour Totoro. The girl in this picture is actually like a mix of the characters Satsuki and Mei but I don't care, I love this picture.

We had fairy bread.

I made a cake. We had vodka jelly.

We got humongous pizzas.

Actually went to Fregatt to watch T.Rogers play dressed like this....

After that I ran home and got changed into something a little more grown up.

It was a really fun night!


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