Sunday, May 23, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 22

I went round to the Loft. Practically the whole birthday cake I had made was still there so we lit the candles, did some drawings, basically continuing with the 3 year old activities.

I wore my stripey dress. I made this dress last year using some of the bodice pieces from Burda 7829 (Yes, I have a million and one dresses made using this). I spent hours and hours over a couple of weeks on this dress, making all the stripes match up perfectly, but I think that was the third time I have worn it. I can't take deep breaths in it, and it makes me sit up straight. Boning + completely non-stretch upholstery fabric will do that to you... No pain no gain though. I love the way it looks....

I wore my blue wrap cardigan, black and white belt, and plaid jacket too.

This photo would be perfect if my eyes were open....

We went to watch the game. Well, ok, not really... I hate team sports. They watched the game. I had a beer.


  1. LOVE your stripy dress! It looks fantastic!

  2. Comfortable clothes are so overrated. You need to wear that dress more often.

  3. It looks amazing and the stripes are perfect. Who needs deep breaths? As long as you can breathe a little bit that's all that matters.

  4. The stripey dress is beautiful!


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