Friday, May 28, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 27

I finished a new mini-skirt skirt just in time to wear it out. I made it from leftover fabric from some costumes I made last year so all it cost me was the zip. The back looks the same as the front with the five stripes. I drafted the pattern myself. The great thing about a panel skirt is you don't need to put darts in.

I wore my sheer lacy top, belt, sparkly leggings, and my plaid jacket too.

There was the opening party of a new hostel/bar. They have lots of trees and plants in a big courtyard, I think it will be a nice oasis in hot weather.

I'm just putting up the following photos because they make me super happy.

I'm just realising now I don't have any photos showing the jungle-likeness of the place... Next time...

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  1. Your skirt looks great and combined with the leggings and the black blouse is makes a fantastic combination! You look lovely!


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