Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 29

I can't believe this is the 3rd to last day of Me-Made-May!! This month has passed so ridiculously quickly. I'm kind of sad about that. I am really looking forward to not having to take photos and blog every day though.

Today I am doing a 13 hour shift at work. It has been pretty quiet, all the guests have arrived already, and there were only two overbookings!

I am wearing my turquoise zebra dress and now my aubergine cardigan too. It was such beautiful weather here today!

I went in to the little shop just opposite in the morning and the girl working there said she liked my dress. After I said I made it she asked if I can make her a dress. People say this all the time but this girl was actually serious! She said to think about what I would charge.

 If you sell clothes you make: how do you decide prices?


  1. I have loved your posts and outfits all month even if I haven't commented regularly. In response to yesterday's post, I am a firm believer in magic. In the end it's no different to believing in a named religion and magic happens all around us, every day, but doesn't try to control us with rigid rules and rituals.
    On charging for your work... it has to be at a price you're happy with otherwise it becomes a headache. Take your current hourly rate and multiply by the number of hours it'd take you to sew the requested item. If that works out too costly for the buyer, maybe it's not worth your time, but perhaps you can exchange time for time. So you sew a dress, she does something in return for you, maybe teaches you a skill you don't have but she does, or she helps you get better at something you need help with. In the past, I've found that people don't always appreciate the amount of time that goes into making a well-made garment and expect a lot for a little. Accepting a small reward for a lot of effort can be demoralising but it doesn't have to work out as such. An exchange of skills can be as worthwhile as handing over / receiving cash!

  2. Another magic believer! Generally when I talk about magic and luck people think I am crazy.

    The time exchange idea is great! If I did an hourly rate I am pretty sure it would be more than she would pay... I might ask her if she would help me with Hungarian.... That is definitely something I need to work on.

  3. Love the zebra dress! You look fantastic! :)
    In regards to sewing for people, I'd calculate the time it takes, based on an hourly rate, and be fair to yourself. In the past I've provided quotes to people who don't follow through with the project, because they expect much, much lower prices, even lower than buying clothes in a store. Make sure you only agree to taking on the work if you're happy with the terms, or you won't enjoy it!

    Clare's idea of exchanging services is brilliant! That way, both of you can do the work you're good at, without undervaluing the other..


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