Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 3

I finished my aubergine cardigan this afternoon! Now I have two cardigans I can wear this month. A little variety!

Today I wore one of my black dresses (a modified Burda 7954)with my leggings (as well as the new cardigan). Normally I wear this dress at parties - this challenge is going to make me bring more of my clothes into daytime circulation. I wouldn't normally be wearing these leggings either... they are a little too sparkly for a Monday evening at work.

It is quite warm in the day but I finished work just before 2am so I was glad to have my jacket with me for the walk home. I waited for hours and hours but lots of the guests didn't even show up. If only they knew I was waiting with free chocolate for them... Stupid no-shows. It was generally a bad day at work. One horrible former guest who stayed weeks ago (and is not allowed to stay anymore cos he is an annoying arsehole) came into the office and told me I am rude and a bad person, blaming me for the fact he is no longer welcome! It was awful. And he said I should be friendly because I am 'from Australia'!!

That's enough of my rant.

The lining on my jacket matches perfectly with my cardigan! Of course it is not usually visible to people but it makes me happy :)

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  1. I like your jacket! Found your blog through the Me-Made challenge, I'm doing it too. Love your style and look forward to checking your blog out during Me-Made-May!


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