Sunday, May 30, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 30

I tried but failed to block out the light.... Not tall enough...

I made this dress last year. It was a maxi dress until just a few hours ago. It was a little too narrow so I couldn't step like I wanted to (same problem as with my Marie skirt...). So it never got worn... Now problem fixed with a little help from my trusty scissors!

Here is a pic of what it was like before:

It was a really easy dress to make. It is just a big sewn up rectangle with smocking and a little gathering at the centre front...


  1. Great dress! It looks nice both long and short. The fabric is really cool. I really want to make a maxi dress for next summer.

  2. Looks cool and breezy for summer!

  3. That's a lovely dress, I like it both short and long!

    And thanks for your comments! It's really fun what you said about the bike drawing, that it would look good on a bag, because that's actually my plan to paint it on a bag :)


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