Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 4

I have the day off work so I am spending it relaxing and sewing. My turquoise zebra dress is perfect for this. It is comfy and plus I love the shape of it. It makes me feel like a 50s housewife. Yes, I realise the fabric is completely not 50s though :)

I am still finishing up the leggings I am wearing. I haven't hemmed the bottoms (don't actually think I will though because this fabric doesn't fray). I need to put elastic in the top. They are okay for wearing around the house but like this I need to keep hiking them up. I don't have suitable elastic for them yet....

I am starting my first pair of undies! I love my days off!


  1. That dress is just gorgeous on you, wow! The styling with leggings is perfect.

  2. Awesome dress! You look fantastic. Enjoy your day off!


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