Friday, May 7, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 6

I had the day off work so I spent most of today in my pajamas and in a half finished cardigan and half finished leggings.

I did quite a lot of sewing so it was easier to just stay in casual easy-to-remove clothes. I finished a cut-out t-shirt I started two nights ago, I finished the seams on my leggings. I had a look through some of my fabric stash and discovered some scrap stretch lace left over from Marko's super hero top. I used the lace for the top part of a new top. For the bottom of it I used some leftover fabric from my leggings and cut-out t-shirt. I didn't have quite enough so after puzzling over it for about 15 minutes (if I turn this pattern piece just a little this way then maybe it will fit.....) I decided to make the lower back out of  two pieces with a seam up the back. I think that was the best solution.  I made a sweetheart shape in the main fabric.

In the evening Marko asked me if I wanted to go to an experimental piano concert. I had no idea what experimental music is. I still don't. But this was very cool music! This pianist, András Tóth, was so hot. I'm glad I went. The concert was held in a cinema.I like that about Budapest - events are held in places you wouldn't expect.

So I had to put on some proper clothes. I decided to wear my new lacy top. I had hemmed the neckline but it stretched ridiculously so I cut the hemmed part off hurriedly before I went out. I don't know how to finish the edges on this fabric... It doesn't fray but it would look nicer properly finished.

I really realised my lack of me-made bottoms. I need to start sewing some skirts! I wore my wine silk skirt, with my sparkly leggings, and my aubergine cardigan.

We biked there. I like biking when I love my outfit :) And wearing a mini-skirt makes it more fun.


  1. The t-shirt is great, I love the sweetheart neckline and the lace. Your whole outfit looks awesome.

  2. I love how the blouse turned out!
    I, too have a soft spot for lace!


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