Sunday, May 9, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 8

I wore my just finished cut out t-shirt, my mauve satin skirt, and my new plain black leggings. The leggings and t-shirt are made out of the same fabric. I think I might go buy metres more of this fabric - it is easy to sew and I can think of a million garments I could make with it.

It was a little nippy so I wore my aubergine cardigan too.

I went to the market at about noon. Man was it busy! Packed with people. It is much nicer in the mornings - still a lot of people, but then they are people actually doing their shopping, not just tourists.

I made the basket liner with fabric leftover from my black and white linen dress but I am kind of scared to wear the dress while using the basket. I love the idea of having a matching basket though....

I got two types of asparagus :)

Later on I went to visit my friend at his ultra cool hostel (stay there if you come to Pest) and it was freeeeeeeezing so I wore my wintery coat which I hadn't thought would be getting any use at all this month.

Pop quiz: Who is this?


  1. How did you make the basket lining? It's something on my to do list (I have a basket and some awesome blue gingham).

  2. Blue gingham sounds great!

    I cut out an oval the size of the inside bottom of the basket. Then I sewed the short sides of two long rectangles together (but not the whole way so there was space for the handles) to make a kind of tube.The circumference of the tube was lots bigger than that of the oval's. I pleated the excess fabric of the tube evenly around the oval. Does this make sense? Then I put elastic around the top and sewed on some ribbons.

    Maybe I can make a tutorial for it.

  3. I love that t shirt. I know what you mean about not wanting your dress to match your basket liner. I have a silk taffeta blouse that matches my silk taffeta lampshades, so I never wear that blouse while entertaining at home.

  4. Jodi, I have loved all your outfits this month and all the sewing that you've been doing!

  5. Pretty skirt! And love the basket lining too, nice work. Perfect for picnics!


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