Saturday, May 8, 2010

Raglan Sleeved Wrap Cardigan

To make this cardigan I drew around a raglan sleeved sweater onto paper. I am in love with raglan sleeves now! They are so easy to sew. I drew out a basic pattern to make the front pieces overlap, for the wrap part. It worked out pretty well. It's not perfect but now I  know which things I would adjust first next time.

I'm not too sure what the fabric is. Maybe acrylic? It is nice and soft. It is a very comfortable fabric to wear.

I spent forever in the buttons store with the ladies trying to find perfect buttons for it. They didn't have this shade of blue/grey so I eventually settled on a clear one. So I got two of those and a bunch of other buttons and bits and bobs too. When I got home I only had one clear one! I went back to the shop the next day and they had it waiting for me by the till! They hadn't seen it on the counter. So nice that they kept my 10 forint button aside for me.

I mashed the first button hole. Button holes on my machine + knit fabric = huge mess. I did the second one by hand. So I changed the way the front parts overlap so the crappy button hole is hidden. This drives me crazy though cos I always go to do it up the wrong way....

I like it worn open too. (I have already posted this pic but I love it :))

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  1. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEW. Or rather, i want the patience to be able to sew. And the imagination. And the fashion sense. Hmmm.


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