Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apples and Cherries

I made these shorts a few months ago but it hadn't been warm enough to wear them so today I finally got my chance.

I made them from some stash fabric which has apples and cherries on it. It wasn't even my fabric - someone else left their fabric stash behind when they moved out of the flat where I live now!

I made my own pattern for these shorts. They have four darts at the back, a side zip, an apple button (I was really quite super happy to find the perfect button after sorting through tons of them in the button store), and pockets on the back.

They have a tendency to ride up a bit when I walk around- is the solution to this just to make them bigger? They are completely comfortable when I am just standing around normally.

After the market I was looking into the Serbian church's garden and they have a swimming pool in there!!! I need to figure out some way to sneak in there.... Pity they have such a huge fence around the place....


  1. Very cute. Since my adult life I haven't been wearing shorts anymore. But now that I see them everywhere I start to like them more and more. I think I am going to sew some for myself too!

  2. these shorts are so fun! perfect for summer.


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