Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bean Bags for the Loft

I made some new covers for the bean bags at the Loft  because the old ones were, well, old and faded. I made a pattern by cutting up an old cover. They have darts and a zip on the bottom. I stitched all the seams twice for strength. The fabric is IKEA cotton. Nice and bright and cheery (and a print to hide the inevitable stains).

This is Spock and some random hostel guests.

Spock and Lucy. She's from New Zealand too. It has been great hanging out with her - reminiscing about all the great food that you can get in NZ (lamingtons, pies, microwaved Cookie Times...).

Me, Tom and Dan


  1. They are so pretty! they look like a pita to sew?
    haha in the last photo, that place is really haunted or really dust :P hehe

  2. They are made from two big rectangles with two darts at the top and angled sides, then a big circle sewn on the bottom.
    It was a wee bit dusty that day at the Loft... :)

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