Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Me-Made-May: Day 31

The last day of Me-Made-May! This month passed so fast.

I spent my morning and afternoon sewing stuff for other people - I think tomorrow I will do some work on stuff for me. I can't believe I still haven't finished my polka dot Spring trench coat! It doesn't really matter though since it is too cold to wear it anyway. It is freezing again! The weather has been so crazy this month. Brrrrr.

I decided to bike home from work this evening. It was just spitting a little when I closed up the office but like 30 seconds later it started pouring. I got drenched and there were huge puddles and the passing cars sprayed water on me :(

So here I am all bedraggled in my plaid jacket, blue wrap cardigan and black holiday dress. I'm wearing my one and only pair of me-made undies too. No pics of them...

Here you can see my dress better. I love this dress but rarely have occasion to wear it. It's another Burda 7829. I think this is my favourite of them.


  1. Pretty dress! Isn't it fun wearing something usually reserved for evening during the day, just because you made it?

  2. hahahahah jodi on the first picture u look like a man

  3. The dress is so pretty!
    And I just LOVE your first picture! "She gave me water" comes to mind hhe
    You must be a fun person :)

  4. I loved watching your wardrobe throughout mmm

    hope you're joining up for SSS !

  5. That Burda 7829 is fabulous! I'm going to have to add that to my must-have pattern list. Thank you so much for posting the picture!


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