Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Bag

I made this bag last summer. I saw the fabric and it was just begging to be turned into a bag. It's lined with an old sheet. It has a couple of pockets on the inside - and a tiny one for my lip balm - very important. I go crazy without lip balm....

These shorts used to be my favourite jeans back in 2006. They were straight leg jeans but after a few years of wearing skinny pants I couldn't wear them any more. They just felt too humongous. So the other day I cut them short and hemmed them. I was actually thinking about going a bit shorter but my friend Tom was like "but your minge will hang out!!". Thanks Tom.


  1. boys can be so rude but also helpfully direct! shorts look great and well done with the bag!

  2. LOL I love how straight forward guys are! I meant to say I love see ing what you make, but also all the little shots of where you live etc, it's neat :)

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  4. Hi Jodi, if you feel like being tagged there are 8 questions for you over at

  5. but your minge will fall out. LOL TOM


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