Sunday, June 13, 2010

T.Rogers groupie

My friends have a great blues band called T.Rogers. I went to watch their concert last night so I wore my newly refashioned T-Rogers tank top. Such a nice way to spend a Saturday evening - drinking delicious beer, listening to good music, chatting with friends.

They have been playing at this smoky, sweaty pub, Fregatt, every week for something like 10 years! I have been going to their concerts since I arrived in Budapest. I actually went to one of their concerts before I met any of them.

Ferci gave me this t-shirt a few years ago but I never wore it because it was this big unflattering mens t-shirt with a neck that strangled me. It didn't even have side seams - it was one of those continuous tube t-shirts....

I haven't finished any of the hems because it stretches when I try. It doesn't fray though. If I find some suitable binding I will apply that otherwise it will stay as is.

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