Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Picnics and playtime

I love picnics. I love eating outside. Earlier this month, before my flatmate Piero moved back to Italy, we organised a little picnic on Margit sziget.

This is Piero :)

I had just finished this dress so I wore it. It's Burda 8693 - I'm not sure if this is still in print, I found it in a box of older patterns on sale. It is marked as "easy". I'm sure it is easy if you have proper instructions to follow. If you buy Burda patterns in Hungary they come with the instructions in about six languages - but not English or Hungarian. So I was going by the pictures mainly (and not every step had a picture). I was using the German instructions but pattern instructions can be hard enough to understand in your mother tongue as it is! The part I had trouble with was the hidden buttons - it buttons down the front but it has this piece that hides them... I'd never done one of them before.

I found the fabric in a second hand shop for 450ft! It was only 1.30m long but luckily it was really wide (like 180cm!) so I managed to just squeeze in the pattern pieces.

I went to the shop and  bought six nice grey buttons without even  measuring the dress to see how many I would need. So of course I didn't have enough. I went back to the shop the next day to get another button and as soon as I went in the man working there was like "another button?" I didn't have to even say anything! And then he gave it to me for free! Even now though I am wondering why I needed to get matching buttons when they aren't even visible....

I made some picnic place mats to take. I found this lovely floral linen blend and a tiny green gingham to use for them.

I used them the next day for another picnic too. This time up behind the Citadella on Gellért hegy with Tom and Zsuzsi.

Look how flexible Zsuzsi is!! I was amazed.

The area where we were sitting was pretty popular for people walking their dogs. There was one cute dog called Lujzi who kept coming around, eating our food, drinking our coffee (!).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love Serbia!

I spent last weekend in Novi Sad at the Exit Festival. It was great - I met some really good people and saw some of my absolute favourite bands (Placebo and Faith No More!!).

Serbia is one of my favourite countries - I love going there, the people are so nice, I can eat burek everyday, it's great for partying and there are cafes everywhere.

Novi Sad is a gorgeous little city on the Danube, I really liked it.

This is my new favourite dress by the way. I will do a post on it when I get some better pics.

I was wondering what to do about a bag for my stuff while at the festival cos I don't have proper pockets on most of my garments and I didn't want to have shoulder bag - and carrying a clutch is really not a good idea when drinking is involved (I learnt that the hard way a few years ago in Amsterdam...). So I made a bag that has loops I can thread onto my belt. I told Marko and he was like 'I want one too!'. So I started them the day before leaving. I seem to always end up having stressful days of too much sewing before any trips or events when I want new things made in a hurry. I thought I needed a travel bag too.... I was glued to my machine for hours.

I made up my own pattern for the travel bag because I wanted it to be a certain shape (the top of it is curved) but I based it on Merita's travelers bag. I put in a second hand vintage metal zip (I have a new favourite second hand shop which is practically next door to my job - very dangerous...).

 It has three pockets on both sides.

It came in handy as a pillow for the long train ride home.

I made the straps a bit too long, makes it a little difficult to carry. I bought this fabric more than a year ago to make a jacket but then changed my mind about it so this was a bit of stash busting. It is a blue/grey upholstery fabric. It's soft but strong.

The belt bags are pretty similar. Mine has a slanted flap, Marko's has a rectangle one. Mine has a bit more top stitching and another vintage metal zip. I spend far too much time touching the zipper pull - it is just so smooth and soft, I love it!

This is a cool Serbian girl I met, Alex.

It also works with fabric through the loops to make a hand bag.

That's the fortress in the background. 

This is Marko's bag.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting news: BurdaStyle Book!

BurdaStyle is one of my favourite online communities. It is a great group of people who sew. There is going to be a BurdaStyle book released next year. There will be 5 patterns included with the book and there are 60 "designers" who are making up their own variations of these items. I am making a coat which will be in it! I am super excited!

I found out a few months ago but we had to keep it hush hush until BurdaStyle officially announced it (2 weeks ago) and then I was super slow in writing this post...

I have started making a muslin for it but have to get a wriggle on - have a tight deadline for finishing it. This is a busy month!