Monday, August 2, 2010

More pics of my newest dress

I wore this dress yesterday so I could get some more photos of it. It's the one I wrote about a couple of days back, Burda 8693.

Can I call what these shoulders are yokes? Even if it doesn't go right across the dress? I top stitched whatever it is.

Now I have a slight belt addiction. It's funny how people's tastes can change. Nowadays I don't like dresses without any waist definition as much as I would have a few years back. And I definitely wouldn't have worn a waist belt! I think I read too many sewing blogs written by people who love 50's fashion. The only shaping this dress has is two bust darts so I think it needs the belt. 

It's a wee bit wrinkled from sitting down at work...I don't know what this fabric is. It has a nice sheen to it and it's very light. But it wrinkles really easily. I love the colours of it though.


  1. I love the fabric and the style. I don't know about the yokes thing. I'm terrible at knowing what sewing terms mean.

  2. I love the embroydery on the side ! Excuse my spelling, beautiful dress !

    Want to follow each other ? Im already following you !

    alice h

  3. Lovely material and the dress looks incredibly comfy! x


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