Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self-Stitched-September starts!

So Self-Stitched-September is here already!

It is like Me-May-May, a group of people wearing things they have made for the month. It is organised by the amazing Zoe. This time she has managed to get more than 160 people joining in! You can see the list of them here. There is a Self-Stitched-September flickr group where you can see what people have been wearing.

When I first heard about SSS I had such high hopes for myself - I wanted to make underwear and knit socks and cardigans to wear for September. Of course I didn't touch my knitting needles this summer.... Even yesterday was the first time I used my sewing machine in three weeks!

So I will have revised rules for myself. I will wear just clothes I have made myself except for lingerie, hosiery, shoes and socks and sleepwear (it is so cold here. I think it is 10 degrees at night. So there is no way I am going to sleep in my tiny little pyjamas. I don't want to freeze to death in my sleep).

This is my outfit from last night. I wore my cut-out t-shirt, Marie skirt, blue wrap cardigan, and plaid jacket.

I went to watch my friends' great blues band, T.Rogers, play. I like going to their concerts. I can go out alone and there are always lots of people I know there.

It was Jerome's last night out in Budapest (good luck for Spain Jerome!!).

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