Sunday, September 12, 2010

SSS - Day 11 - A new dress

At first I wasn't so enthusiastic about Self-Stitched-September. I wasn't looking forward to a month of mismatched outfits. But this week I have been doing a reasonable amount of sewing. I made a jacket/cardigan, a polo necked top and then yesterday a dress. It is nice to have a few more items to add some variety.

I lengthened pattern 121 from Burda September 2010 (the one I just used to make a top with) and made a dress. I was looking through my stash for some kind of stretchy fabric and found this. I bought it more than a year ago planning to make it into a bikini (I bought two metres of it. I think I thought that it was such amazing fabric that I would want to make a million swimsuits out of it... hehe. In the end I couldn't find any white swimsuit lining fabric so I didn't use it at all...). It is the same fabric as the bikini I made last year, just a different colour.

This fabric is great, it doesn't fray at all (it's spandex). So I didn't have to finish any seams. I didn't have to hem it either! Such a quick dress to make :)

I wore it with my black and white belt and my navy jardigan. It was a pretty warm night so I was fine like that.

I wasn't sure if the dress looked really cool or really terrible. Neither of my flatmates were home to ask so I got changed about five times before getting up the courage to go out in it :)


  1. You look fab in this dress ! I got the same idea and just cut a dress out of this same pattern !

  2. Thanks! Great minds think alike :) I would like to see your dress when it is done.

  3. Hi Jodi !
    I just want you to know that you can see the dress on my blog :-))


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