Sunday, September 12, 2010

SSS - Day 12

Today I am wearing a refashioned jumper, my black cut-out t-shirt, and my mauve satin skirt. I will have to upload the before pics of this jumper. I bought it back in January for an ugly pullover party but ended up wearing a different jumper. I removed the sleeves and the collar. It was so hard to pull over my head. Where do these tiny-headed people live? I took it in at the sides too to make it more flattering. 

The label made me laugh. 64% polyacryl, 27% wool, 5% angora, 2% viscose, 2% METAL. 

It was so lovely and warm in the morning sunshine. I biked to work. I love biking on Sunday mornings - the streets are pretty quiet, not so many people out and about.

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