Thursday, September 9, 2010

SSS - Day 8

I had a lovely relaxing day off work. Well it was relaxing until I cut out the pattern pieces for the Jorinde jacket from some fabric I bought a week ago for it. After I cut everything out I had another look at the instructions. Oh my god... Has anyone made this pattern up?? There are no pictures at all. And the instructions are very confusing.

"Piping pockets with covers, front dart:
Pin the piping straps onto the pocket edges (cross edges where the pocket opens) of the front pieces, the right sides are facing. Allow the piping straps to overlap approximately _” (1 cm) along the front dart lines. Stitch the piping along the seam line.
Do a diagonal cut along the front dart lines to the bottom seam end; do not enclose the piping straps. Press the allowances apart. Fold the piping straps around the pocket opening, inside the pocket and make sure that the width of the piping is distributed equally. Stitch along the seam line. Stitch the darts, thereby enclosing the piping ends. The fold lines of the piping meet. Press the darts towards the front center. Pin the lining onto the allowances of the lower piping, stitch narrowly along the allowances. End stitching 1/16” (2 mm) before the marked side seam. Press the pocket pouch downwards."

So hard to figure it out.... So I left it and watched the first episode of Project Runway Season 8 with Marko. Love that show! It's always good for a laugh.
I wore my beige dress (Burda 7954) and new navy jardigan (jacket/cardigan) (modified Jonny)

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  1. hi there,

    in case of confusing instructions I always try to do what they say one by one and just hope it will make sense once I come to next the point and can actually see what I have at this moment. A reference book or instruction of a similar garnment to look for help just in case are always on my side. It usually workes out for me.

    Wish you all the best with the jorinde (is there a joringel as well?) Christina


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