Saturday, September 18, 2010

SSS - Days 15, 16, 17 and 18

Day 15.

Why should going out clothes be restricted to when you are actually going out? I made this dress a couple of years ago but I had only worn it out twice. It is not really appropriate for a day at work (sheer/ very low cut back.... see pics here) but then I had a brain wave. I could just wear it with a top and it would look like a skirt! 

I wore it with my new polo necked top. Looking at the pics I think look so conservative. Not my usual style. This top makes me laugh when I wear it. It is like something one of those poncy people who go to all the exhibition openings would wear. Maybe I should wear it with cord. Cord pants? The arty people seem to adore cord :) This is like a way to play dress up but no-one knows I am doing it :) Like my own personal secret Halloween. Does this make any sense?

This is also the kind of top I would wear if I was a burglar :)

After work I went looking for some fabric. In the second hand shop that is just down the road from my work I didn't find any nice fabric. But I found lots of nice wool! 

600 grams of wool for only 1000ft!! That is less than 4 euro! I got 4 balls of a beautiful turquoise 100% mohair. This is going to be my motivation for learning to follow a knitting pattern properly - I want to make a cardigan. The lady in the shop was like 'it's so easy, don't worry!'. So I am just going to trust that she is right.

I also got pink, purple, navy and blue polyacryl/mohair. That is going to become a long stripey scarf.

Then I went to the fabric store on Király and they are having a szövet sale. Wool suiting(? I think that is what szövet means) for 630ft/m! So I got black and white fabric for my new pants. It looks kind of like static on the tv - black and white close up and grey from afar.

Day 16

I spent most of the day sewing while watching old episodes of Ally McBeal. It's such a great show! So I was in my pyjamas and half finished new pants for pretty much the entire day. Until I had to go out. So I put on my turquoise zebra dress.

Day 17

I got up at 6am because I really wanted to wear my new pants. Did a bit more sewing on them before work. All I have left to do is hem them (I just tucked them up, it didn't really show that they weren't finished) and change the position of the hook and eye. 

They are pattern 108 from the September 2010 Burda magazine. I really like them! It is so nice to wear pants after more than two weeks in just skirts and dresses.

It was a cold, rainy day. I wore my polo neck, my aubergine cardigan and my plaid jacket.

Day 18

I just had to wear my new pants again! This time with my loose black top and blue wrap cardigan.


  1. Hey Jodi, I just got back from my vacation, and I enjoy reading your self stitched notes again. Nice outfits, as usual!
    Regarding the day 17: I flied back from Spain via Budapest, and I had a climatic shock when we landed - there was 20C degrees difference between Madrid and Budapest! Brrrrr! I froze in a second. Unfortunately, the cold days are coming to Europe :(.

  2. Those pants look really good! I am so happy you posted a picture of them finished, as I've been eyeing the pattern up but was too nervous. Having never made trousers before I was worried about the fit. Now I am encouraged to give them a go :)

  3. Thanks iroiro! You should try out the pattern, it's not so difficult. I went with two sizes to get the fit right - 38 at the waist and 40 at the hips.


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