Saturday, September 4, 2010

SSS - Days 2 and 3

On Day 2 I went out to dinner with my workmates. I wore my loose black top, my greyscale mini-skirt, and my plaid jacket.

Yesterday, Day 3, was really busy. I did some clothes alterations for a client, had a couple of English classes, then went to work at the Loft. I think it is kind of funny that I am doing alterations for someone else - I can't remember ever actually having done any alterations on my own store-bought clothes...

I wore my black and white dress, aubergine cardigan, and later, my plaid jacket. Yes, this dress really does not go well with plaid.... No photo of that... This is one of the bad things about this challenge - I just don't have enough clothes in solid colours.


  1. Great skirt! I am a sucker for a large scale pattern used appropriately. I love the dress, as well.

    I hope this does not sound creepy and stalker-ish, but you look exactly like my sister looked when she was your age. It kind of freaks me out sometimes, esp when I have not seen photos of you for a while. Never fear, though, because she is currently almost 50 and still stunning.

  2. Hehe. A lot of people think I look like someone they know! And I always thought I looked unusual... :)


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