Friday, September 10, 2010

SSS - Days 9 and 10

Day 9 was really nice. It was so warm! I wore my favourite dress and my sparkly leggings. And I was completely fine outside like that. The Hungarians on the street though - they were in completely buttoned up jackets, scarves. I even saw an old woman in a knee length wool coat! I have been here nearly five years but I still do not understand this part of the Hungarian thinking. Once the weather becomes cold enough to wear cold weather clothes it does not matter if later there actually is a warm day or not, those cold weather clothes will still be worn until at least March... 

I bought my first Burda magazine!! Exciting for me! The September 2010 issue. I was leafing through it thinking 'why didn't I buy this magazine years ago?! There are so many garments to make!'. Then I had a look at the pattern insert. OMG. Now I had heard that they have a lot of lines. But I just did not expect this....

Minor freak out. Couple this with the fact that all the instructions are in Hungarian. But then I figured out how the patterns work - very happy moment!

I made up 121 which is a skivvy. I don't think I have owned a skivvy since I was about 14!  I could not figure out the instructions for the collar at all even though it is a simple garment. Thanks Mariann for translating for me! I asked her if she could help me and she had a copy of the magazine on her table right there with her! 

I think I will be buying this magazine every month now. It is only 945ft for the Hungarian issue (and the man in the Burda shop loves me so he gives me a 10% discount on top of that. Is this a sign that I spend far too much money on sewing related things?). So many patterns for such a low price!

Day 10

Today I wore my new skivvy. Isn't that such a terrible word? Maybe I should say polo necked top? 

It is made from a pretty sheer knit with black velvet polka dots. I wore it with my Marie skirt and sparkly leggings, and later in the evening when it got cold and I was walking round in the rain - with my aubergine cardigan and plaid jacket.


  1. Great fabric choice. This one is definitely on my list, too. And I really had a problem in understanding the collar instructions the first time I read them even though german is my mother tongue.

    And it also looks soooo great as a dress on you!

  2. Love the fabric you use for this top ! Its difficult too for me to understand the collar instructions, I had to read them lots of time before to sew the collar...


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